Christians in Belgian politics

Belgium in EuropeC'axent is a Christian Political Movement in the Flemish part of Belgium. Its goal: influencing politics with Christian standards and values. 


C'axent is pro life and pro family.

C'axent is against abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, legalizing use of drugs, prostitution, human trafficking and all kinds of exploitation of people.

But not just against. C'axent tries to find and promote alternatives for a better society.Our chairman with Veerle Heeren, Minister of Family affairs



Christian values are the best guarantee for happiness, also for non-believers.


Geoff Tunicliffe of WEA (left) with chairman Kris Vleugels (right)C'axent is pro religious liberty in practice. That means that believers are free to talk about and promote their way of life in the open. This is not an exclusive privilege for liberals and socialists.

C'axent is promoting better aid programs for Southern countries and better social safety nets for people with disabilities and underpreviliged.


Through networking, making movement, political training programs, information sessions, political lobbying, press releases and this website, C'axent aims to influence society. C'axent is a member of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) with members in 20 European countries.


Do you agree with the C'axent vision?

You can help us!

Please prayPlease pray for us. Prayer is the best weapon in the spiritual fight.


If you have political experience of any kind, and you have some good ideas for us, please let us know!

If you want to help us with a donation, or you want to become a financial 'pillar' of our movement 'building', please don't hesitate.


Thanks a lot! God bless you.


Excuse us: our website hasn't been translated into English yet although we have news articles in English.


Christian, Creative and Pertinent!

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Belgian Christians in politics

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Christelijke Politieke Beweging